Here is a shot of my good friend Arild Heitmann shooting the sunset at Skagsanden Beach in Lofoten Norway. We’d been treated to an exceptionally beautiful show of light as the day came to an end; in addition to the beautiful sunset you see here, the mountains behind were painted […]

Following on from the recent good news of my image ‘The Arrival of the Northern Lights’ making it to the final of a competition, it’s now been nominated (along with a couple of my other photos) for Viewbug Image of the Year! Even better, as of last week it’s in […]



To celebrate making it into the finals of the Viewbug ‘Light It Up’ photo contest, here’s a shot of one of the huge coronas I saw on that trip. This is shot straight up with my widest lens; the aurora is so big it fills the sky!

On my trip to Norway last September, we were super lucky to have some of the lovely Summer weather stick around for us…this gave us some spectacular sunrises but also meant we got to chill out in the sunshine during the day…in Autumn…in the Arctic Circle!

The mighty peak of Ostind in Norway is dwarfed by these colossal aurora waves. When we first saw the aurora, they were just creeping up over the peak of Ostind, but waiting out in the cold for a while paid dividends and the aurora grew, rising up to tower over […]



Here are my good friends Arild Heitmann and Stian Klo from having a business meeting on Skagsanden Beach at sunset. Are your business meetings this romantic? 😉

I shot this in Lofoten as the Sun was dipping under the horizon behind me. I had a Nisi 10 stop filter on which reduced the already fading light to a 380s exposure…it can be hard to stay patient for an exposure that long when a sunset is throwing out […]

Coming back to Solbornvatnet – the Sun Bear Lake – was a joy. One of my favourite locations from my Norway trip in February, when I last visited the lake was covered in a spectacular sheet of broken ice. This time there was no ice, being too early in the […]

Dedicated to my Mother on her birthday. You carried and cared for me, have always been there for me every step of this wonderful life. I have never known a kinder soul and I know where ever I go, even if my path should grow dark or cold, your love […]


BTS: Big Fish

Behind the scenes on the Lofoten tour; we were so energised by our luck with the aurora that we decided to try our hand at fishing…look what I caught! 😉 Getting ready for my next photo adventure now: a trip to Bali next month! It’ll be my first trip to […]