One of the things I’m working on for my photography at the moment is learning compositing so I can make cool fantasy images. I’m not quite there yet, but step by step…here’s a picture of a Bird of Paradise flower that I shot in Carlsbad, San Diego with a sunset […]

Hey, it’s been a while…a lot has happened since I last posted; I’ve emigrated from the UK and moved to Warsaw, Poland to work at the awesome CD Project Red! In all the process of moving my photography fell by the wayside a bit, but now I’m settling into my […]

I was interviewed this week about my recent trips to Lofoten by NRK, Norway’s biggest media company; you can check out the article here It’s in Norwegian, but Google translate does a grand old job on it. To celebrate here’s an image from my trip in autumn that I’ve […]

What do you see in this one? I shot this while playing with fire for my image ‘The Summoning'(don’t try this at home kids) and when I came to look at it on my computer I instantly saw a lion face in the flames but I’ve had a few people […]

With clouds rolling in, we’d pretty much given up on the chance of seeing the aurora; I stepped outside nonetheless when the reports came in that activity was high and saw a few bright lights fighting their way through the thick cloud cover. Determined not to pass up even a […]

Remember that time I got possessed by a fire demon and had to escape from a hell dimension? What larks 😉 I made this image for part of my level 7 challenge at The Arcanum; the challenge was to create an image based on the work of an artist who […]

So we’re now entering 2015 proper; the holidays are fading behind us leaving us with sweet memories and perhaps a little extra girth around the middle. As we fall back into our daily routines I thought I’d share one of those sweet memories from my holidays with you. This shot […]

2014 has been one wild ride…it almost feels like several years all rolled into one! I’ve been all around the world and I’ve not even scratched the surface of all the shots I’ve taken so I guess one of my resolutions for 2015 should be to get more processing done! […]

Last week I posted about my aurora image in the running for Viewbug Image of the Year: thanks to your votes my image is now in the top 10% of the competition which is really fantastic! A big thankyou to you for voting and if you haven’t yet and want […]