It’s been quite a while since I posted, or even processed, a photo as I’ve been focussing on other things like making games…there’s just not enough hours in the day. Here’s to getting stuck back in though: a panoramic shot I took on a business trip to China, it’s not […]

Even more snow! Warsaw is looking very pretty moment as the snow seems determined to stay…fortunately the city is well prepared and it has little or no impact on getting around etc. I think the lamps in this park are particularly well suited to the snowy atmosphere.

The Wistula river in Warsaw. Slightly frozen. At sunrise. …actually slightly after then; I’d gone out hoping to get some sunrise reflections in the snow/ice but it was a super grey sky at dawn. Fortunately it cleared up while there was still a bit of colour in the sky. This […]



Poland has a wonderful tradition of murals in their cities which show the artistic soul of the nation. This is a mural from the very hip “Jewish Quarter” in Krakow.

Another shot from the Tatra mountains; it feels like it could be the start of an adventure, travelling off into the unknown.