Granton Sunset (sRGB)

Well actually this is a shot of sunset…but let’s just keep that to ourselves.

I shot this last Friday; we’d had a day of really nice weather in Edinburgh with plenty of sun for once and as I left the office I was itching to get outside and enjoy a bit of the sun while it lasted. I grabbed my photo gear from home and headed down to Newhaven where I’d seen lots of cool sunset shots from other local photographers. I didn’t know the area well and when I got there I didn’t see anything particularly jumping out at me so I decided to walk West in search of somewhere to shoot. Eventually after plodding for about an hour through an industrial estate and across a beach liberally decorated with bricks, tyres and empty bottles I came this rock-edge path by the sea that had a good view of the setting sun. At first I was a bit disappointed in the sunset…it didn’t seem anything special…then just as I packed my gear away¬†and was about to head home, the sky came alive! I quickly got my camera and tripod set up again and started firing away: this is one of the first of those shots….and after this it got even better!

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