The Summoning

Remember that time I got possessed by a fire demon and had to escape from a hell dimension? What larks 😉

I made this image for part of my level 7 challenge at The Arcanum; the challenge was to create an image based on the work of an artist who inspires you and I chose Ben Von Wong who’s work is simply stunning. Creating portraits in a fantasy setting is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now so I’m glad to have made a start and looking forward to doing more in the coming year. Another thing I’ve wanted to do (and used to do a bit but I’ve been lazy of late), is to add to the story of my photos with some writing…well this seemed a decent opportunity to kick my arse back into gear about that so here’s a wee bit of fiction about ‘The Summoning’:


A constant cold wind sighed through the dimly lit tunnel. People who knew the secluded passage called it the Innocent Trail, though few remembered why. From the southern entrance the path descended steadily and was deceptively long; although it seemed from one end that the far side was in sight, you would walk for several minutes with no apparent change, as if the exit was retreating with every step. At the center of the tunnel, in that place where space and time seemed curiously distorted, the whisper of the wind began to swell; it’s intensity growing into a wail that tossed and scattered the detritus of the earth before it. An invisible hand twisted the currents into a vortex from which glowing sparks began to form. Fiery light chased away the darkness, sparks whirling and arcing into a frenzied dance that became a roaring inferno of flame. The wind moaned a song of broken innocence and the stones shuddered as a figure stepped from the maelstrom; a man with burning eyes and feet of ash.

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