Hello 2015

So we’re now entering 2015 proper; the holidays are fading behind us leaving us with sweet memories and perhaps a little extra girth around the middle. As we fall back into our daily routines I thought I’d share one of those sweet memories from my holidays with you. This shot is from the Hogmanay fireworks display in Edinburgh; taken from The Radical Road,a craggy mountain path that overlooks the city. It’s a brisk and somewhat steep walk, not to mention a we bit windy, but for me there’s no better place on New Year…it’s a popular spot but not overcrowded, with a fantastic atmosphere and easily the best view of the fireworks as you can see the displays both from the Castle and Calton hill as well as the smaller fireworks people are setting off across the city. This year there was even a piper up on the Crags with us!

The year is yet young but I’m already excited; it’s promising to be a really fantastic one with some epic new adventures in store. Later this week I’ll be sharing an image that marks the dawn of a new stage in my photography…it’s a little bit different but something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and really resonates with me. So keep your eyes peeled!

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