On Tour in Lofoten

Once again I’m on tour in Lofoten with the incredible Arild Heitmann and Stian Klo;  I last visited in February to hunt the Northern Lights but we were defeated by constant cloud cover…I guess I got a taste for the hunt and have followed the siren song of the Aurora back to the arctic circle. The weather is looking much more promising this trip and now we’re just waiting on the Sun to work it’s magic and set the sky on fire. Of course in the meantime we’re taking advantage of the fantastic scenery and have been rewarded with some equally fantastic light. Here’s a quick edit of a shot I took while waiting on a long exposure on my main camera…and this was just on the first day, what a great start to the trip! If you fancy seeing sights like this you should definitely check out Stian and Arild’s ours at www.lofotentours.com

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