Edinburgh Castle and the Big Wheel

My online presence has been somewhat lacking of late. This is because I have been immersing myself in the exciting, brave new world of the Arcanum; channeling my energies into growing as a photographer and artist. In the short term that means that sadly I’m not posting quite as many of my shots for you to see…but taking a longer view I’m progressing my skills and creativity so that future me will be able to bring forth ever more wondrous creations….er I hope. ¬†Also on a personal level I’m very lucky to have found myself in a cohort of lovely people joining me on this adventure and of course our master Robin Griggs Wood who is just fantastic. This week I have completed my first pieces at Level 5 at which point in the Arcanum you are challenged to produce new works and put in to practice all that has been learned so far. My first is a shot that I too from the roof of a hotel on Princes Street in Edinburgh; I had planned it out so that I could capture the ground while it was still fairly light and then combine that with a shot of the fireworks being launched from the Castle later that evening. At first when I tried to process it I wasn’t able to get the image to work, so I took it to my cohort and got some great tips on how I could realise my vision…very quickly I went from being totally stumped (and somewhat frustrated) to being able to create the image I had in my mind. For me this is a great demonstrations of just how powerful the Arcanum can be for learning!

I’m pretty happy with the result; what do you think?

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